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How We Bill for Our Services

Initial Consultations

We provide new clients with one initial discounted in-person consultation for $100.00. An initial consultation may last for a maximum of one hour. We take a genuine interest in helping you solve whatever problem you may have. If we are not able to help you, we will do everything in our power to put you in touch with someone who can.


Hourly-Fee Cases

Our hourly rate is $250.00 per hour. We charge no retainer, meaning that you do not incur charges until we actually begin work on your case. An advance fee, which will vary in amount depending on the circumstances of your case, will be due upon our taking your case. This advance fee is placed into our trust account, and our hourly rate is charged against this advance fee as we work on your case. When the advance fee is depleted, it is your responsibility to replenish the advance fee. Any unearned portion of the advance fee will be refunded to you at the conclusion of our services.

Flat-Fee Cases

We handle certain types of cases on a flat-fee basis.  The flat fee includes all fees due to us, but does not include expenses, such as filing fees, postage and copy expenses, and so on.  You should discuss your case with us carefully to determine whether it qualifies to be handled on a flat-fee basis.*

Our fees for certain flat-rate cases are as follows:

Adoption – $2,000.00
Uncontested Divorce without Children – $500.00
Uncontested Divorce with Children – $1,000.00
Uncontested Legitimation – $1,000.00

For rates for other types of cases, please call us at (706) 410-1300!

*The Law Offices of Woodrow Wilson Ware reserves the right to convert a flat-fee case into an hourly-fee case at any time if it is discovered that the case does not qualify for flat-fee billing.