Adoption LAWYER IN Watkinsville, GA


Every child deserves a warm, loving family.

Adoptions are one of the most pleasurable types of cases for attorneys and courts to be involved with. There are many types of adoptions, including third-party adoption, step-parent adoption, family adoption, international adoption, and even adult adoption. Regardless of the type, the law governing adoptions and adoption procedure is very complex. An adoption should never be attempted by an unrepresented person. 

Adoption hearings are often informal celebrations of the formation of a new family. However, it is sometimes necessary for the court to address grave issues, such as the termination of existing parental rights. When contested, these issues must be addressed in formal hearings, in which fundamental constitutional rights are at stake. To successfully complete an adoption, you should have an attorney who is skilled not only in adoption law, but also in the law governing the termination of parental rights, which is most often addressed in juvenile court. In other words, you need an attorney who has significant experience in both superior court and juvenile court.

Adoption cases are handled on a flat-fee basis. If the termination of parental rights is challenged, the hearing for the termination of parental rights is handled on an hourly-fee basis.