Protective Orders LAWYER IN Watkinsville, GA


No one should have to live with family violence or abuses of the law.

Protective orders exist to shield victims of stalking and family violence from further abuse.  For appropriate situations, protective orders provide indispensable relief to those who truly need it.  

However, protective orders are also sometimes misused.  For example, when they are used to put an innocent person out of their own home with no cause, protective orders become instruments of abuse themselves. 

Protective order cases are often litigated by pro se parties, or parties who are representing themselves without attorneys.  However, all of the formalities of courtroom procedure, including the rules of evidence, still apply in these cases.  When rightful requests for safety and protection are challenged, or when the protective order process is being abused by an unscrupulous party, the services of an attorney are crucial to ensure that the process works as it should.

Protective order cases are handled on a flat-fee basis.